Sunday, April 10, 2011

my beloved daddy

[̲̅̅H̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][̅̅P̲̅][̲̅̅P̲̅][̲̅̅Y̲̅] [̲̅̅B̲̅][̲̅̅I̲̅][̲̅̅R̲̅][̲̅̅T̲̅][̲̅̅H̲̅][̲̅̅D̲̅][̲̅̅A̲̅][̲̅̅Y̲̅
 hye ayah . today is ur birthday ryte ? ohh myb u forget it . but i still remember and neva to forget about dat . i love u so mch till no word to say , till no action cn show u how a lot of my love to u . for all of my life , and till my die , is because of u . only u . please fogive me wht how dare is i am . but , u r my sunshine . i dun care , wht people talk damn to u , and who u are  . i really knw u how a long tyme . ayah , before , today , and tomorow , i always hurt u . so many things i beged u to do it for me . even since u hard upp . i am sellfish . everyone in dis world , those knw who am i say dat same word . but , i promise to myself dat one day , i'll show u my how far dat cn i go . with a huge successful on my life . and i'll give u happiness ever after .haha . ya . i wll prove it on one day . i wishh god to blessing me on my age and u . i really hope dat . and i hope u will always happy besides me , and another . im neva let u go . i will take care of u till ever and eva even wht will hapen . hmp . happy birthday ayah . i love you ,

create by : basiraa . 11 april 2011 . morning .

*my beloved daddy

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